Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Preparing to Publish My Latest Story

I am so very happy to say that Mystic Mist is nearing completion. It has been an interesting three year(+)  journey, frustrating, yet interesting. I would not trade the valuable lessons that I have learned along the way, nor the wonderful people I have met and have the privilege to call friend.
 Now, to get to the story, I have always enjoyed reading, and have had a love for it since early childhood. I recall my mother reading Harlequin romances, and as a result, I've enjoyed reading them as well. I currently have two wonderful romance stories I penned in honor of my mother, and it's been an incredible experience to see her enjoy reading the romance books I've written; Where She Belongs and Josie's Thorn.
However, there is a  special place in my heart for the supernatural, fantasy, sci-fi, and horror genres.  After I finished my second romance novel, I was not sure as to what direction I wanted to go, but then one night as I sat reading from my favorite genre, Fantasy, a thought entered my brain. Why don't you write what you enjoy! So, I took out a piece of paper and jotted down a few simple notes. I knew my leading characters were going to be teenagers or young adults, but that's all I knew. I also liked the name, Isabella, so I began searching the name, and found the name Iseabail. It's a Scottish form of Isabel. I then began researching Scottish names and came across Erich, and fell in love with the name. From there, I began looking at all the Scottish and Gaelic names for my characters. I've played with them all, tweaking them and conforming them into what I wanted them to be for me. It's fiction writing, I can do that. SMILE.
  So, here I am, preparing to publish Mystic Mist. As I write book two of The New Breed Series, I'm wondering how long the series will be, and I must admit, I don't know. However, the characters do, so as long as they know what they want, I'm just going to follow their lead and see where they take me. After all, it really is their story.
 I hope you will be entertained by Mystic Mist and will want to continue the journey with me. Please let me know if you did enjoy it. Look for Book two: Hellavey, Book Two in The New Breed Series, coming Winter 2015. Thanks and may you all be blessed this day. ~Lisa

Introduction to Mystic Mist:

 A mysterious mist descends upon the earth, bringing with it deadly creatures from another world. While hiking in the woods near the small New England town of Tonospon, Erich discovers Iseabail; who has been transported to earth by the mist. Together they must face the creatures in an action packed battle of survival, and become the first line of defense for earth. Mystic Mist is the exciting first installment of the New Breed Series.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Entertaining is in this Writer's Blood and Soul

I recently returned from a family vacation to Disney World, and I must say it really is a magical place.

 My daughter and husband enjoyed the Magic Kingdom, but my favorite place was Hollywood Studios. Of course, that makes perfect sense doesn't it? I am an entertainer, maybe not a famous nor rich one, but nonetheless, I am an entertainer. So, as for me, I could have spent endless days roaming around Hollywood Studios, just as a kid in a candy-store. LOL

To watch Walt Disney's dream for the future was an incredible experience for me, and the Indiana Jones show was spectacular, and entertaining. They really put everything they had into the show. They blew up things, the actor portraying Indiana Jones mimicked many of the scenes from the movie, such as running from the large rolling boulder that was chasing him. It was great.

What I took from my day spent at Hollywood Studios was that entertaining is in my blood, and it consumes my soul. I love it when people smile, laugh, or are moved emotionally, as I tell them the stories from my imagination. Writing is addictive and hard work; however, I greatly enjoy every aspect of it.

I have big dreams for my writing career. I may never see those dreams fulfilled, but I know that whatever may come, the wonderful characters living in this incredibly busy brain of mine will never allow me to stop writing. I believe that I have been given the gift of storytelling, and it would be a waste were I not to use it.

I have come a long way as a writer, and I look forward to continually grow, as well as to the exciting journey ahead. I have been writing professionally since 2005, and a lot has happened in my personal and business life. I invite you to join me here at Lisa's Place as I reminisce of my time as a writer from its humble beginnings in 2005.

I look forward to sharing the time-line of Author Lisa Vandiver, and each step that has helped me to grow into the author I am today, thanks to friends such as Linda L. Barton. Thank you, Linda.

I hope you will join me in this journey, and feel free to leave comments. Thanks.

For more information on me, come by DeadlyReads. 

In the meantime, check out my friend, Linda's blog post today on My Writing Process. You may find more information about Linda at Deadly Reads.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

My Writing Process tour

 I have been invited by the incredibly talented and entertaining Shaun Allan to participate in this wonderful blog tour with the subject being My Writing Process. 
You can find out more about me through facebook, twitter, google+, about me, and my second blog, Imagination Alley. as well as the website, Deadly Reads.  I have two romance books, Where She Belongs books one and two, and Josie's Thorn, all sold at Amazon in ebook and print versions.

Thank you very much for for the invitation, Shaun.
 If you have not read Shaun Allan's Sin then you are missing out on a fabulous story.  You can find out more about Shaun at http://flipandcatch.blogspot.com  

Now, I suppose I should move forward and answer these questions before I bore you to tears with the ramblings of a mad writer. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

What am I working on?
As far as projects go, I am  working on a lot of things. I am collaborating on two stories with two separate authors and am excited about each of these projects. My friend and fellow Author, Linda L. Barton and I are working on a special project together to assist new authors who are starting out, but there will be more about that at another time.  I am also working on Jackson's Storm. It is being developed simply because of the multiple requests from fans for Josephina's brother, Jackson to have his own story. So, fans, it is on its way.
As far as story ideas, I never run out of them, and have a working list of stories and characters that are screaming for my attention.
In my immediate writing plan, however, I am currently working diligently on Mystic Mist, Book One in the New Breed Series. 
The fantastic thing about this story is that when this book ends, it's not the end of the story, but just the beginning of at least a three book series, depending on where the characters take me and how long they want this journey to be.
I love horror and fantasy, so with this story, I am able to combine the two genres. I am also branching out to YA with this venture, so that is exciting as well.

How does my work differ from others of its genre? 
 As my characters develop, I fall in love with them, and really begin to care for them as if they are real people, because to me, they are. This story and its characters are no different. I try to spend time with each character and subplots within the main plot, and develop it to the best of my ability. With the help of my dear friend and editor, Linda L. Barton, this story will be the best story I've written to date. I believe I have created characters that will linger in the minds of the readers after they have closed the book; at least,  that is my hope.

 Why do I write what I do? 
 The story chooses me, I do not choose the story. Characters begin popping into my head and I simply write down what they say to me.  It is delightful when this occurs, yet excruciating if I am not at a place where I can sit down and begin writing. Therefore, I have learned to carry a notepad and a pen with me at all times, so that when a new character introduces himself/herself to me, I can pull out my pen and pad and jot the general notes down for later detailed work on them.
 The ideas for stories can occur at any time and at any place. These stories are diverse for me in that I enjoy reading and writing multiple genres, it gives me a change of pace, and keeps things fresh and 'new' to me as well and as a result, I'm not boxed in to one specific genre. I believe that this type of writing keeps the writer fresh and the joy of writing will permeate through the pages, and keep the reader's attention. Good advice to me, which I try to follow is, write what I love and love what I write.

How does my writing process work?

 Process? There's a process? Quite honestly, I don't really have a process. Oh, my, this is a toughie for me. I have tried so many processes, of which, for me have failed. The sure fire process for me is to simply sit down in front of my laptop and begin typing. I just type, type, type, and sometimes, I do not even know what I'm typing, I just type what the characters in my head tell me to type. When these times I occur, I am amazed at the quality of writing which has just been created.  
Sometimes, I can have a story completed in my head before I have completed the first chapter, other times, not so much. Sometimes, I have to literally write the story chapter by chapter as the characters speak to me and as the story develops, not knowing the ending until the last five chapters.

Coupling time and patience with simplicity is also very important for me.

 I have learned not to rush the storytelling process. It is like fine wine, the longer it sits, the better it will be when it is finally consumed. In other words, I write the story as the characters speak to me. They are silent for months at a time, and for me it is torture because I want to write, but I have learned to wait...While I wait, I can work on other projects calling to me. After I have allowed the characters to find their places in my head and heart, I then begin to tell their story in an uncomplicated, entertaining way.   So many times, I've heard readers say that some novels were so difficult to read because of the 'fancy', lengthy words, and that only by having a dictionary by their side could they get through the story. I decided to try and make my stories enjoyable, yet easy to read. As a friend told me, we are in this business to write entertaining stories, not to make readers smarter. That is the job of a Non-Fiction writer, which do an excellent job, by the way. Smiling. 

Now, I'd like to say a big thank you to my victims, uh, I mean those wonderfully nice folks, Linda L. Barton, Jake Drake, and Stephen P. Signorelli   who agreed to take torch from me and carry on next Monday, May 23. Thanks, guys! You indeed rock!

Linda Barton:

 I've done many different things in my life from working as a hair stylist, claims processor, to driving a Peterbilt Truck across the United States with my husband, Bob.
I published my first book, Next Move, You're Dead in March of 2011, and after of hours of arguing with the voices in my head, I now have five published books. While I never dreamed that I would be able to call myself an author, I must say that it has turned into one of the highlights of my life.
I look forward to writing the stories that pull the a reader in, and holds them captive until the last page.Writing is a passion that has filled my life with so many rewards. I love interacting with the readers, and hearing what they want in a book. They have taught me how to be a better writer, and for that I am truly grateful.Bob and I live in a quiet little community in southeast Texas with our two dogs, and one crazy cat. Over the years, I have learned that life is an adventure, and to appreciate all the blessings it brings.
For more information on Linda and her works, you may visit her blog, The Ramblings of a writer or visit Deadly Reads. email Linda at linda@deadlyreads.com

Jake Drake

  Jake is the author of various fantasy, horror, and Science Fiction books. His only problem with writing is not having enough time to write to completion all the stories he gets in his head. Jake says, "If I write constantly until the day I die, I still would never be able to exhaust the imagination that is the source of all these stories.
Once his first book 'Parallels' was published on line he was like a kid on Christmas morning with presents underneath.
Now he works on getting his latest novels written so they can join the rest of his 'family' of eBooks that are available at all the eBook retailers.
If you enjoy any of the genres that Jake has to offer-and who doesn't these days-take a look at what he's written. You're sure to find something that will catch your imagination.
You can purchase Jake's books at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Smashwords. For more information on Jake, check out his blog.http://fantasyramblings.blogspot.com/

 Stephen P. Signorelli

Stephen P. Signorelli says, "I write because the voices tell me to. If I didn't, a million insects would eat my brain. I am comfortable with writing in almost any genre."
You may find Stephen's blog at  Yanqui Imperialist Telemundohttp://yanquiimperialisttelemundo.blogspot.com/

Thanks to everyone who came by my little place for a visit. I hope you enjoyed the post and will return again for a visit. ~Lisa

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Happy Spring!

Hi, it's been a while since I have written, but I have not been sitting idle. In fact, I have completed the first book in my fantasy story, Mystic Mist, Book One in the New Breed Series.It is with my publisher and editor as we speak.
I have finished the first draft of Book Two in the New Breed series, titled, Hellavey. It still needs some polishing from me before I hand it off to my publisher/editor, but I'm excited about where the story is going.
The next book in the series will be titled, Blood Wars, the Battle For Earth. I have no cover for it as of yet, but my publisher and I are working diligently together to come up with the perfect cover, and I'll be glad to reveal it as soon as I have it.
In the meantime, I am working with DeadlyReads, so why not drop by there and see if you find something that might catch your eye. I now have both my romance books, Where She Belongs and Josie's Thorn in print as well, which is very exciting. I am also working with Deadly Reads to get them into Audio as soon as possible.I will let you know when that shall be.
Thanks to all of you who have stood by me and cheered for me throughout this adventurous trip I'm having as an entertainer. I hope to bring you much more in the future. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

One Dream Reached~More To Reach

Hi, everyone! I hope this post finds you all doing well. I know it's been a while since I've posted any personal updates, but today, I wanted to do just that. I've been fortunate enough to reach one of my dreams since I began my writing career in 2005. I've signed with a publisher! This has been a dream for me from the start and now that it's been reached, I'm a happy girl today. See my big smile :)
Today I want to announce that I've signed with Deadly Reads Publishing. You can find out more about them at this official website or you can take a look at their blog.
What does this mean for Author Lisa Vandiver? Well, I'm hoping that it means that some of my burdens will be taken from my shoulders so that I can concentrate more on what I really want to do~write.There will always be work in the areas of publicity, editing, designs, and other areas for me to work on, but having a publisher now means that I'll actually be able to concentrate on MORE writing! YES! Love It!
I have several WIP's in progress as well as three editing jobs to complete, but I promise you, I do have NEW stories in the press, so hang in there with me, and hopefully by Spring 2014, at least one of my works in progress will be completed.
I want to say thanks to all my loyal followers and readers. Without you, there really wouldn't be any use of doing what I do if nobody read my stories. So, from the bottom of my heart~ THANK YOU!
One very important goal for me has been reached, but there are many more for me to reach. Many more mountains for this author to climb, but, now as I climb my mountains, it's invigorating to know-I don't have to climb them alone! Thank you, DEADLY READS!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Revisions and Edits

Revising a story is much like putting a puzzle together. I've got all the pieces, I just have to get them in the right order-Lisa 

I'm not sure if that's true for everyone when they write, but it is for me with the particular story I'm working on now. It is my first horror/sci-fi story I've written and it's been challenging, fun, and interesting. I've been writing professionally for a number of years and the thing I dislike most about the writing process is the editing and revising part. That is until I recently discovered something- the above statement from me-which came to me while I've been working on rewrites and edits for my new story, The Mystic Mist;Book One in the New Breed series. Yes, I know, there are those of you out there that have already discovered this profound thought regarding revisions and edits, but hey, some of us aren't as far along as those of you who have reached the prize; that is to say to those of you who think you are at the top of your game and don't have anything else to learn. So, this particular post is for those of you who are still in my boat-still willing to admit that we  still have a lot to learn-no matter how long we've been in this field. So with that said, shall we get started?

I began to write this story, Mystic Mist as a single book. One book was all that I had planned to do. It was going to be about unearthly vampires attacking earth and causing all kinds of hell. Then, the characters began to speak to me. In my original story, the main character was going to be Erich, the young earthling who would encounter these beasts in some New England woods while attending college. I wrote an entire ten chapters on Erich and his adventure, but then as I begun the eleventh chapter, it was as if Erich whispered to me, "I don't want to be alone in these woods."
So, I created the lead female, Iseabail. And I wrote another ten chapters...And then Iseabail whispered to me, "What of my history on Carasylia?"
 And Erich chimed in, "Yes, and what of my history?"
Well, I must say that was where the fun began! Their histories began to jump out at me as if they had already lived them! Yes, I know it sounds insane, but hey,if you're a writer then you understand me I'm sure-and if you're a reader; well, think of all the wonderful adventure stories you've read.  The stories wouldn't be nearly as exciting if those writers and authors didn't allow their characters to 'speak' to them.
So, back to the story. I completed the story of Iseabail and Erich, but it just wasn't complete. As I stared at the story, thinking it was good. And believe me, it is a good story,(Coming from an unbiased author of course:)) but it needed more. I kept getting the thought, "There is so much more to this story".   I took a deep breath, walked away from it for about six months and then came back and oh boy, am I glad that I did just that! 
I've now finished Book One. The words came out of my mind faster than my fingers could move! And now the 'good' story is a 'better' story. I was so proud of myself! (patting self on back)But...As I re-read the story, some of it seemed to be out of sequence so I decided to just go with my thought and began 'rearranging the sequence of events'.  As I did this, that's when it hit me, telling a story really is like putting together a puzzle-you have to find all the pieces of the story and fit them into their rightful places!" Wow! Light bulb moment! ;) If I look at it like that then perhaps the editing/revising process won't be so painful or ignored. And guess what; it worked for me! I'm not finished by any stretch of the imagination with this story, but I am getting there! And I am so happy now to realize that revising doesn't have to be an arduous task. Dare I even say that it is actually 'fun', 'interesting', and a valuable learning experience that will help me to grow even more with each new piece that I revise and edit. And besides, I've always loved putting puzzles together. 
 I'm still working on my puzzle, but I think I'll know when I'm done with it. And then it will go to the Beta Readers, the real editor(s), and then to the real, real people that matter-you the reader. And I hope when you get Mystic Mist: Book One in your hands, you'll love Erich, Iseabail, Stevlana, and Lorna every bit as much as I do! 
Good luck to all my fellow writers out there-be you a screenplay writer or an author; I wish each and everyone of you the best of luck in your writing careers! Until next time~Lisa

Monday, June 11, 2012

Gwendolyn Cummings

Hello, and welcome to Lisa's Place. Welcome Gwendolyn Cummings.
LV When did you first start enjoy reading?

GC Since early childhood. 
LV When did you start writing? 

GC I started writing professionally two years ago. 

LV Where can your works be found? 

GC Smashwords, Amazon, and most on line stores.
LV Contact info for readers to find you

I can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

LVWhat do you do to relax? 

GC I read romance novels and I watch porn.

LV Do you have a favorite character in your books?
GC (Laughing) Anyone who is familiar with me, knows this answer. It is Sonja from my My Sonja series. I'm also partial to a male character in another series I've started, named Jesse. He's a cowboy. She's a naughty little girl. They haven't crossed paths before, but I'm thinking about cross writing the characters together for one story. I love these two characters. They're naughty, and each push the envelope to the max. 

LV Favorite food? 

GC Finger foods.

LV Favorite color?

GC Red

LV Any advice for new authors?

GC Just write what you love, but be prepared if  you're going into erotica writing that there are those who don't like erotica writers and will damn you to hell at every turn. So, in essence, grow a thick skin in any part of writing, but especially erotica.

LV Please tell me  anything you’d like for your readers to know about you and your books.

GC When reading the Sonja books, you should read in the following order:
Possession of Sonja, Swinging with Daddy, Love and Hating, Sonja and the Professor, Seth and Sonja, and then The Roommates. When wrote the first book in the Sonja series, I had no idea that Sonja was going to take on a life all her own, but she's popular among all my readers, males and females alike.